Network is here !!!

By helping one another , through a well managed peer 2 peer platform

community movement and see a better life.

Who are we?

Vintage Zone is an online business that aims at empowering it's community members in supplementing their income avenues. The sole purpose is to help it's participants to reach their financial freedom which has been limited by increasing prices of living essentials, unemployment, retrenchment, unstable economic climate etc.

Are you dreaming of ?

  • Clearing off your debts
  • Upgrading your living space
  • Starting your business
  • Buying your house and car CASH!!
  • Taking a well derseved holiday

We are about

All in the Spirit of giving

A peer to peer platform where participants invest spare money. with the hope getting good returns that will allow them the opportunity of fulfilling their finacial goals. With a minimum investment of R500 to a maximum of R10000 Vantage Zone aims to change lives.

Welcome To Our Peer 2 peer platform

Try our community and make your dreams come true.

Plan Breakdown

15 Days
40% Interest
10% Recommit

  1. R500 R700
  2. R1000 R1400
  3. R2000 R2800
  4. R3000 R4200
  5. R4000 R5600
  6. R5000 R7000
  7. R7000 R9800
  8. R9000 R12600
  9. R10000 R14000
  10. R12000 R16800
  11. R15000 R21000
  12. R20000 R28000
popular plan

30 Days
150% Interest
20% Recommit

  1. R500 R1250
  2. R1000 R2500
  3. R2000 R5000
  4. R3000 R7500
  5. R4000 R10000
  6. R5000 R12500
  7. R7000 R17500
  8. R9000 R22500
  9. R10000 R25000
  10. R12000 R30000
  11. R15000 R37500
  12. R20000 R50000

45 Days
250% Interest
30% Recommit

  1. R500 R1750
  2. R1000 R3500
  3. R2000 R7000
  4. R3000 R10500
  5. R4000 R14000
  6. R5000 R17500
  7. R7000 R24500
  8. R9000 R31500
  9. R10000 R35000
  10. R12000 R42000
  11. R15000 R52500
  12. R20000 R70000

60 Days
350% Interest
30% Recommit

  1. R500 R2250
  2. R1000 R4500
  3. R2000 R9000
  4. R3000 R13500
  5. R4000 R18000
  6. R5000 R22500
  7. R7000 R31500
  8. R9000 R40500
  9. R10000 R45000
  10. R12000 R54000
  11. R15000 R67500
  12. R20000 R90000



Welcome to our Vantage Zone